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Torsional Vibration

How to Measure Universal Joint Operating Angles

How to Match Tandem Drive Axle Tires

If you need a angle finder, you can download an app on your phone:                                                Tremec Tool Box Driveline Angle Finder“.

About recalls:

Because of the sensitive nature of our industry, recalls in the school bus business are a regular event. All manufacturers err on the side of safety; therefore school bus owners receive many notices of recall advisories.  In all cases, if safety is an issue, buses are taken off the road.

The normal flow of notification is as follows:

Manufacturers notify NHTSA

Manufacturers notify dealer network and owners directly

Manufacturers also notify state agencies responsible for school buses

In Ohio, school bus design and inspection is under the authority of the Ohio State Patrol. When they receive notifications, they notify the Department of Education, who in turn passes the information on to school districts. This information flow is actually a duplication of the same notification that bus owners receive from the manufacturer.

In all cases, the manufacturer is the best source of information.

NHTSA School Bus Recalls 1998 to 2005

NHTSA maintains an online database of all current recall campaigns. These can be viewed at the following website:

You can request to be notified if there is a safety recall regarding Vehicles from NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation.  Sign up to receive e-mail recall notifications for: School Buses

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